Supply Chain Control Towers

Wednesday 22nd November 2023

18:00 - 22:00

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Event Outline

What is achievable by adopting full control tower technology to manage ocean freight container movements in the supply chain? 

As supply chains become more global and intricate, a control tower approach allows businesses to monitor, coordinate, and control activities from a central point, enabling more effective decision-making and operational efficiency.

Explore the functionalities and benefits of supply chain control towers, such as real-time visibility, predictive analytics, and cross-functional collaboration. Understand how these capabilities can help in managing logistics, inventory, and demand, while also responding quickly to disruptions. The theme also emphasizes the role of advanced technology, including AI and IoT, in enhancing the effectiveness of control towers.

Discussion Points

  • Bolster operations by providing unparalleled end-to-end visibility across the  supply chain and significantly improves how supply chain partners collaborate with one another.
  • Control Tower essential tool  to assist in conducting work across the ocean freight supply chain. Rather than siloed and easily broken systems of work, ensure containers/POs  can be tracked, visible to all..
  • Provides the ability to act on data via proactive notifications or alerts and insightful dashboard reporting.
  • Connect control tower data to your ERP systems to support  manufacturing and supply efficiency.
  • Dashboard reporting that can provide following status; changes to ETD/ETAs, booking details, dwell times (import/exports), transhipment layover, on the water.
  • Ability to transfer all export/imports documentation electronically, full digitalisation.
  • Who are the main providers of non carrier/forwarder control tower systems?

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